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90mm Rail, OEM Magstripe Reader
(IDT3304 Series)
90mm Rail Specifications

The 90mm rail is a MagStripe reader for OEM applications. It reads up to three tracks of data with a single swipe in either direction. Its 90mm length slot and mounting options make it a perfect fit for reading magnetic stripes in any OEM application. It has reliable MagStripe reading on damaged or bowed cards. The rugged ABS plastic chassis with molded-in stainless steel card wear plate exceeds 1,000,000 card swipes. The reader is available in custom configurations including intelligent interfaces, and custom cable/connector options.




  • Small size and multiple standard footprints

  • Reads 1, 2, or 3 tracks of magnetic data

  • Swipe speed of 3 to 60 inches per second

  • Operating life exceeds 1,000,000 card swipes

  • Superior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn MagStripe cards

  • The chassis utilizes a stainless steel wear plate

  • Bi-directional read capability

  • JIS (dual head) compatible 90mm readers are available

  • One year warranty

  • Data and Clock output standard



Interface TTL, RS232, USB & Keyboard Wedge
Custom interfaces and I/O cables available


Magnetic Operation from 2.7 to 5.5 VDC. Ground 0 VDC (GND).
Chassis Ground connected to GND and magnetic head case.
True Automatic Gain Control (AGC) handles signal amplitudes from 1 mV to 1 V peak-to-peak.
Operating Current 1.1mA per track maximum when reading a card. Less than 30 μA when in “sleep” mode (15 μA typical)
Communication TTL levels CMOS level outputs of decoded serial bits


Operating Temperature -40 F to 185 F (-40 C to 85 C)
Storage Temperature -40 F to 185 F (-40 C to 85 C)
Humidity 10% to 98% relative humidity, non-condensing
ESD 2000 V Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) protection


Magnetic Head Life 1,000,000 card cycles
Rail Life 1,000,000 card cycles
Read Rate Less than one error in 100,000 bits on cards conforming to ISO 7811 1-5 (not induced by operator error)


Standard Decoding Densities Tracks 1 and 3: 210 BPI.
Track 2: 75 or 210 BPI.
Swipe Speed 3 to 60 inches per second, bi-directional
Card Thickness 0.015 to 0.045 inches
Slot Width 0.050 (1.27mm)
Dimensions Length: 3.54 inches (90mm)
Width: 0.94 inches (24 mm)
Height: 0.94 inches (24 mm)

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