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Card Encoders
  • Read/write magnetic stripe cards conform to ISO 7811/1-6
  • Read/write high & low coercivity magnetic stripes (300-4000 Oe)
  • Write and verify data simultaneously in one swipe single, dual or triple tracks
  • Manual swipe read/write with RS-232 interface
  • Write high or high & low coercivity magnetic stripes
  • Full featured WIN95/98/2000 utility Demo program
  • Programmable data format
  • CE, FCC, UL. cUL certified
  • Meets all ISO/IEC 7811 standards for card data encoding
  • Reads and writes magnetic stripe media including cards, tickets, badges and passbooks
  • Hi or Low coercivity is easily configured by clicking a single Workshop software button
  • Writes any track combinations of 210 and/or 75 bpi data density
  • Can write characters at variable bit lengths
  • True 420 clocks per inch tachometer

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