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Coin Acceptors / Validators
  • It is a stylish, space saving coin acceptor, delivering a tailored solution for short profile, front entry applications
  • The SP validator employs complex digital technology to provide, arguably, the most unique and powerful coin validation system.
  • At 155mm and 115mm in height respectively, the SP can be fitted to two traditionally dimensioned faceplates
  • It works with international currencies and any application which requires its unique features, such as kiddie rides, redemption machines, bar top units.
Microcoin SP
  • The Microcoin QL can be fitted into any top-entry application with ease by virtue of its industry standard size and mounting pin positions.
  • High speed, multi-coin acceptance up to 10 cps
  • Highly critical and unique coin path design which virtually eliminates the possibility of coin jams.
  • Maximum fraud coin rejection
  • Internet-capable
Microcoin QL

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