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  A contactless reader is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID, recognition and credit verification and related applications. Our contactless reader is designed to offer friendly solutions of high and low coercively cards that will attractively complement an existing system. These contactless readers supporting various technologies including Mifare, ISO 14443 and ISO 15693. These contactless readers supporting various technologies including Proximity, Mifare, ISO 14443,ISO 15693, HID and many more.

These smart card readers also uses MIFARE technology to read and/or write to contactless smart cards. Smart cards have multiple sectors allowing each sector to be used for a different application such as access control, vending machine debit card, library cards, university cards, prepaid parking, etc.

Mifare / Proximity / RFID / Contactless Readers
  Contactless smart cards are used in many of the same applications as contact smart cards, especially where the added convenience and speed of not having to insert the card into a reader is desirable. There is a growing acceptance of this type of card for both physical and logical access control applications. Student identification, electronic passport, vending, parking and tolls are common applications for contactless cards.

Proximity cards provide convenience and a high level of sophistication for a variety of ID applications. An embedded antenna stores information and enables cardholders to perform tasks by simply waving their proximity cards in front of a reader. Prox cards are highly popular for employee access control.

HID iClass smart cards increase the power and flexibility of physical access control. These 13.56 MHz smart cards enhance security with strong encryption and mutual authentication. Along with access control, HID cards are used for computer login security, biometrics, cashless payment, and more.

Mifare / Proximity / RFID / Contactless Cards

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