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Dione Xtreme
Handheld PIN Pad
Xtreme PinPad Specifications



Dione's Xtreme PIN pad is a secure PIN entry device and carries Visa PED approval for offline PIN authorisation. Its light, curved design fits comfortably in the hand and tactile keypad makes Pin entry very easy.

Dione's Xtreme PIN pad can be easily connected to exisitng bank-owned terminals to provide an EMV upgraded path for independent merchants.For larger retailers using intergrated EPoS systems, it provides a secure, familiar PIN entry solution for their customers.


Xtreme Handheld PIN Pad Outline Specification

Processor 32-bit microprocessor
Memory 1MB RAM
Security EMV 2000 V4.0 level 1 & 2 approved, Offline Visa PED approved for both plain text and enciphered PIN
Display Backlit LCD Screen (132 x 64 resolution)
Keypad 16 keys
Magnetic Card Reader Track 1, 1 & 2 or 2 & 3
Smart Card Reader ISO7816 compliant
Weight 400g
Physical Dimensions 170mmx 110mm x 40mm
Accessories Tilting or Countertop Space Pole available

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