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Ezwave Contactless Reader
Ezwave Specifications

EZWAVE is a stylish, compact, high performance and yet cost-effective contactless reader which support Mifare cards and ISO 14443 Type A/B cards. Its available to support either USB or RS232 interface and also designed to ease the integration into any type of equipment for different kind of applications and also environment.

Its offered 4 SAM slots which will enhance the security and also allowed multiple applications to be configured on the same reader. The LCD display can support graphic with normal (8x16) and large (13x24) font. User can also program 4 LED for different functions.

It’s outstanding feature; the large blue circle light sensor which function as indication of the position to wave the contactless cards and at the same time also can showing the data processing status for user to know the operation more easily. EZWAVE was designed with a unique adjustable stand and also can be wall-mounted.




  • Support Mifare cards and ISO14443 type A/B cards

  • Support USB or RS232 interface

  • Built in 4 SAM slots

  • 4 Programmable LED

  • LCD can display normal font (8*16) and big font (13*24)

  • Stylish and compact design

  • Communication distance up to 10cm

  • Support for all current and emerging international standards

  • Unique large blue circle light sensor and show the data processing status

  • Removable card holder design

  • On / off power switch

  • Adjustable 3 angles(0/45/75) of foot stand for various placement

  • Wall-mountable

  • Support Windows operating system include 98, ME,2K and XP


Typical Applications:

  • Point of sales

  • Automatic fare collection

  • Parking and toll collection

  • Ticketing

  • PC Logon

  • Identification and physical access control

  • Transportation

  • E-Commerce

  • Internet Access





Technical Specification

Dimension 141mm(L) x 106mm(W) x 22mm(H)
Weight Approx 200g
Housing Material ABS
Cable Length 180cm
Power RS232: Powered by keyboard interface(PS/2) or via external AC adapter 110/220V
USB: Through USB bus 5V + 5%
Power consumptions 220mA (Max.)
Host Interface RS232 (Communication speed: up to 115200 bps)
Full speed USB (12M bps)
Contactless Card Interface Mifare classic protocol
ISO14443 type A & B (T=CL)
Working frequency 13.56Mhz
Communication speed up to 424K bps
Operating distance about 10 cm
SAM Card Interface Comply with ISO7816–3 T=0 and T=1 protocol
Communication speed: SAM1 up to 115,200 bps, SAM2~4 up to 38,400 bps
SAM Card Connector Up to 4 SAM Slots
Minimum 5,000 insertions
Human Interface 4 LED indicator
122x32 dot matrix graphics LCD with back light
API/SDK Proprietary SDK for Windows operating system
Other OS: upon request
Environmental Operation temperature: 0C ~ 50C
Storage temperature: -15C ~ 70C
Contrary humidity: 20% ~ 90%
Model Type EZWAVE101R (RS232 Interface & 1 SAM Slot)
EZWAVE101U (USB Interface & 1 SAM Slot)
EZWAVE104R (RS232 Interface & 4 SAM Slots)
EZWAVE104U (USB Interface & 4 SAM Slots)

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