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Storm 2230 Keyboard
Fully featured, vandal resistant keyboards with numeric/arithmetic function keypad
2230 Keyboard Specifications

STORM 2230 keyboards are constructed to survive in exposed, unsupervised, public environments. Their responsive key action ensures rapid, reliable and responsive data entry in tough, wet or hostile conditions. A hardened stainless steel front plate and high impact polymer keys ensure the keyboard’s resistance to hard use, abuse and vandalism.




  • Meets IP 65 / NEMA 4 specifications

  • 93 keys

  • Sealed against fluid and dust ingress

  • -20C (dry) to +75C Operational

  • Compact form: 13.62" x 5.39" x 1.52"

  • Protected against RFI / EMI in accordance with current and forthcoming European and US directives

  • Operational life more than 4 Million cycles per key

  • Resistant to most corrosives and cleaning agents

  • Vandal resistant (20J BS EN 60068-2-75: 1997)

  • Weather resistant (IP65)

  • Integral PS2/USB Interface (switchable)

  • Optional PC connection cables (sold separately)

  • Optional fixing kit for under panel installation (sold separately) or adapter kit for benchtop use (also sold separately)

  • Resistant to most commonly used cleaning agents



Keyboard Weight with polymer keytops : 1.80 kg
Build Style Vandal resistant (stainless steel top plate)
Keytops Black keytops : laser marked white
Encoder PS2/USB selectable
Languages English UK, English USA, French, Spanish, German


EMC Emissions EN55022 : 1998 Class B Limit
EMC Immunity to ESD EN55024 : 1998
EMC Immunity to Radiated Fields EN55024 : 1998
Electrical Safety EN60950, UL60950
Communication Industry Standard PS2 or USB Interface
Supply voltage +5V nominal (5.5V to 4.75V)
Supply current 60mA (with 2 LEDs illuminated)


Sealing — Water / Particulates EN60529 (sealing to IP65)
Temperature -20C to +60C operating (dry)


Impact Resistance 20 Joules via 50mm dia steel striker
Key Pitch 19mm
Size 11mm square
Travel 1.5mm nominal
Actuation Force 130g nominal

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