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Trackball with 3 mouse keys
metal / Teflon Trackballs - Rugged cursor control for industrial and hostile public environments
Trackball Specifications


25.4mm (1.0') vandal proof IP65 stainless steel mechanical trackball with 3 mouse keys, with top panel mounting solution.





  • Emulates most popular mice - uses existing mouse driver and mouse software Interfaces for most workstations and computers

  • All Metal Mechanicals provide for rugged, smooth, long lasting operation

  • Available 40mm, 38mm, 25mm, 22mm, 19mm and 16mm diameter stainless steel or hard phenolic resin ball for smooth, durable operation and precise cursor positioning

  • Rate Sensitive Dynamic Resolution provides for accelerated movement of the cursor when the ball is moved fast, while retaining one-pixel positioning accuracy when the ball is moved slowly

  • Teflon Ball Shields are available for dirt and water protection in harsh environments




Key 3 keys, quality brushed stainless steel
Key top style Plain/Non-protuberant Rectangular Keys
Front Plate Quality brushed stainless steel
Key Travel 0.45mm
Ball diameter 25.4mm/1.0' (19mm, 25mm, 36mm 40mm also available)
Key switch lifespan more than 5 Mio actuations
Track ball lifespan > 10 Mio revolutions
Track ball resolution 400 DPI
Back Metal Cover Rear side integrated electronics protected by a metal cover
Actuation Force 1.0N to 3.0N
Mounting Rack Aluminum alloy
Dimension Dimensions with 38mm track ball, Front plate (W x H): 88.0mm x 88.0mm
Interface PS2, USB are available, Y type cable with ports of PS2 and USB


Power supply 5V DC+ 10%, keyboard interface
Protection level IP65 dynamic (front panel), NEMA3
EMC Standard EN55022(B)
Contact Material Gold/Gold


Operational Temperature -20C to +60C
Storage temperature - 30C~+ 70C
Operating RH 30~90%
Atmospheric pressure 60~106Kpa
Certificates RoHS compliant, CE and FCC certified

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