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MiniMag, MagStripe Reader
( IDMB series )
MiniMag Specifications

The MiniMag is an intelligent, programmable MagStripe reader. MiniMag provides a wide range of functionality and value in a convenient package size. The entire unit is just 90mm long, about the length of a credit card. It reads up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. It has a beeper and three-color LED indicator to signal a successful read. The reader is programmable so that the data format and intelligent interface output can be programmed & configured to match application and communication requirements. Programming is easy using ID TECH's Magswipe PC software.




  • Small footprint to fit in tight places

  • Reads up to 3 tracks of information

  • Bi-directional swipe reading

  • Superior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn MagStripe cards

  • Reliable for over 1,000,000 card swipes

  • Threaded inserts for mounting

  • Reads ISO7811, AAMVA, & most other card data formats

  • Magswipe PC software makes configuration changes easy

  • JPOS & OPOS support for all interfaces is provided





Magnetic TTL Power +5 VDC +/-10% (50mV ripple maximum). Ground 0 VDC (GND).
Chassis ground connected to GND and magnetic head case.
Operating Current 1mA per track maximum when reading a card, TTL. (non-intelligent version)
About 30mA for decoded magnetic stripe (three tracks), Keyboard. About 40mA for decoded magnetic stripe,
USB/Keyboard and RS-232. About 70mA for decoded magnetic stripe, USB-HID and USB-CDC.
5.5mA typical with LED (<8mA at peak usage) for port-powered model.
External Power Supply 5 VDC/350mA (required for RS-232 version only). Port-powered option requires no power supply


Operating Temperature 32F to 131F (0C to 55C )
Storage Temperature -22F to 158F (-30C to 70C ) non-condensing
Humidity Maximum 95% non-condensing


Magnetic Head Life 1,000,000 passes minimum.
Rail and Cover Life 1,000,000 passes minimum.
Conformance ISO 7811 1-6


Magnetic Stripe Formats ISO 7811, AAMVA, and CA DMV
Swipe Speed 3 to 60 inches per second, bi-directional. (5 to 50 inches per second for port-powered model.)
Card Thickness 0.015 to 0.045 inches
Slot Width 0.050 inches (1.37mm)
Indicators Tri-colored LED (not available on TTL model), beeper (not available on port-powered model).
Interfaces RS-232, Keyboard wedge, USB/keyboard, USB/CDC, USB/HID, TTL (undecoded magnetics).
Port-powered option is RS-232 only.
Dimensions Length: 3.54 inches (90mm)
Width: 1.34 inches (34mm)
Height: 1.10 inches (28mm)
Weight Approximately 4.6 oz
Cable Length 6-foot side exit cable. (Bottom exit is an option; minimum quantities apply.)
Connectors Keyboard: 6 pin mini-DIN
TTL: 9 pin squeeze
RS-232: DB9F.

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