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Note Acceptors / Validators
  • The ST1 can be disassembled and reassembled in 30 secs
  • There is easy access to all the key components
  • Manual swipe read/write with RS-232 interface
  • Reconfiguration between upstacker and downstacker only requires the replacement of one part
  • On-Board Programming offers push button note enable & disable and calibration
  • Current GBA programming & diagnostics tools are compatible with the ST1
  • Safety is on the menu with plug pack power for AC powered applications
  • Cost effective, stackerless bank note acceptor
  • GBA HR1 is immediately robust and reliable
  • Illuminated note guide for easy note insertions in low-light applications
  • Accept up to 16 notes, up to 82mm in width, in 4 directions
  • It also conforms to AWP industry communications standards, including CCTalk.

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