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Hybrid Smart Card / MagStripe Card Reader
OmniFare Specifications

Proximity smart card reading technology meets magnetic stripe reading technology with the hybrid OmniFare Card Reader. Customers will appreciate the versatility of a card reader that reads Mifare contactless cards, as well as MagStripe cards. The OmniFare reads data from a variety of contactless sources, including cards, key fobs and other tokens. The OmniFare is offered with RS232 and USB-HID interfaces.

The OmniFare is designed for a variety of access control and individual identification applications. The unit can be mounted on a countertop. Clear visibility of the LED panel on the top makes it easy for users to view that they’ve completed a successful read operation.

The OmniFare is made to withstand daily use and wear. The rugged design provides protection from vandalism and allows weather-resistant operation. Its housing is constructed of a sturdy base, an impact-resistant cover, and a stainless steel card slot wear plate. Options include weatherproof, sealed, or extended temperature versions for more harsh and wet environments.



  • Designed for vandal resistance, rugged use, and weather resistant operation

  • Flexible mounting options

  • Compatible with Mifare cards & ISO magnetic stripe cards

  • Superior reading of jitter, scratched, and worn MagStripe cards

  • Reliable MagStripe reader for a minimum of 1,000,000 passes

  • Signifies successful reads with a beeper and LED indicator

  • RS232, USB-HID interfaces


Technical Parameter

Power +5 VDC +/-10%, 65mA Max. combined magstripe and contactless
Extended temperature -25 to 60 C (-13 to 140 F)
Operating temperature 0 to 50 C (-32 to 122 F)
Storage temperature 0 to 70 C (-32 to 158 F)
Humidity 8 to 95 % with Wet bulb at 23C (73 F) non-condensing
Interface RS-232, USB HID


Operating Life 1,000,000 cycles minimum


Media Formats Magnetic Stripe: ISO 7811, AAMVA, and other F2F formats
Swipe Speed Magnetic Stripe:3 to 60 inches per second, bi-directional
Media Thickness Magnetic Stripe:0 .015 inches (0.381mm) to 0.038 inches (1mm)
Cable Length Six-foot straight cable

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