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Hybrid Contactless / MagStripe Card Reader
OmniXpress Specifications

The OmniXpress is designed for POS application and is ideal where one reader is needed to provide both magnetic stripe and contactless operation. There are many applications in Quick Service venues and for self-service kiosks. The unit can be placed on a desktop or mounted on a vertical surface. Clear visibility of the LED panel on the top makes it easy for cardholders to view that they’ve completed a successful card read operation. Customers will appreciate the versatility of having a card reader that is able to read contactless cards, held within the reader’s proximity range, and MagStripe cards swiped through the card slot. The OmniXpress reads data from a variety of contactless sources, including credit cards and key fobs.


High Performance

The OmniXpress is designed to withstand daily use and in unattended application. The rugged design provides protection from vandalism and allows weather-resistant operation. Its housing is constructed with a sturdy base, an impact-resistant cover, and a stainless steel card slot wear plate. Options include weatherproof and extended temperature versions for harsh and wet environments.



  • Contactless and MagStripe in one card reader

  • Drop-in solution

  • Supports USB-HID interface (Other interfaces available on request)

  • Compatible with MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave

  • Reads data from a variety of contactless sources, including credit cards and key fobs

  • Beeper and LED indicators provide clear card-read status feeback

  • MagStripe rail offers ID TECH's superior card-read technology

  • MagStripe certified to one million swipes

  • Outdoor Solution - Ruggedized version available

  • Vertical and counter-top mounting options

  • Bi-directional MagSwipe direction


Technical Parameter

Power +5 VDC +/-10%, 65mA Max. combined magstripe and contactless
Extended temperature -25 to 65 C (-13 to 149 F)
Operating temperature 0 to 70 C (-32 to 158 F)
Storage temperature 0 to 70 C (-32 to 158 F)
Humidity 8 to 95 % with Wet bulb at 23C (73 F) non-condensing
Interface USB HID, others available upon request


Operating Life 1,000,000 cycles minimum


Media Formats Magnetic Stripe: ISO 7811, AAMVA, and other F2F formats
Swipe Speed Magnetic Stripe:3 to 60 inches per second, bi-directional
Media Thickness Magnetic Stripe:0 .015 inches (0.381mm) to 0.050 inches (1.27mm)
Cable Length Six-foot straight cable

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