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Parallelogram MagStripe Read Head
(80081202 Series)
Parallelogram Specifications

The Parallelogram Head Assembly from ID TECH features a distinct design, that ensures good gap to media contact, ideal for OEM MagStripe reading applications. Available in either singles, dual or triple track configurations, the head assembly accurately reads media conforming to ISO 7811 standards. The design ensures the head maintains excellent contact with the card at a proper force. With greater than 1,000,000 cycle head life, the head assembly is a dependable solution for decoding magnetic information..




  • Exceptional read performance through its unique parallelogram design

  • Small footprint and single mounting hole allow easy implementation

  • Cantilevered head design

  • Operates bi-directionally

  • Waterproof an strain relieved wires

  • Head Life exceeds 1,000,000 swipes

  • Single, dual or triple track options

  • Reads media conforming to ISO 7811 standards


General Information:

  • Track ETW: 0.06 +/-0.004 in

  • Output Voltage: 35mV @210BPI & 7.5IPS

  • Inductance: 110 +/-20% mH

  • DC Resistance: 280 +/-20% Ohms

  • Operating temperature: -40 to 75C


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