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Chip and Pin Pads
  • The Secura module allows for quick and cost effective design
  • New Patented SecuraCell™ technology, provides a tamper resistant and responsive enclosure
  • 2 MB memory with back-up during normal use
  • Backlit LCD screen - 132 x 64 resolution
  • External SAM interface
  • Secure Keypad with optional backlighting
  • 32-bit processor with Xtra-C interpreter
  • Interfaces with TXS, RXD, CTS,DTR & DCD - 3V HCMOS levels optional USB interface
  • One reduced function serial interface with TXD, RXD, CTS and RTS - 3V HCMOS levels
Secura Integration Module
  • Compact & ergonomic design for space saving & users' convenience
  • PCI certified to provide the highest security for customer's PIN-based transactions
  • USB or RS232 communication interfaces
  • Employs DES and 3DES encryption with DUKPT Key Management for PIN security
  • 2 x 12 alphanumeric LCD display that supports multiple languages
  • Field changeable backlight and beeper setting
SecurePIN 100
  • EMV 2000 V4.0 Level 1 and 2 approved
  • Chip card reader - ISO7816 compliant
  • Magnetic stripe card reader - track2,track 1&2 or track 2&3
  • Supports multi application cards
  • 32 bit RLSC architecture processor
  • 1MB battery-backed SRAM memory. 2MB option available
  • Backlight LCD screen 132x64 pixel resolution
  • Real time clock, battery backed
  • Secure firmware and application loading
  • Tamper responsive
Dione Xtreme
  • New Patented SecuraCell™ technology, provides a tamper resistant and responsive enclosure
  • External SAM interface
  • ZKA approval (Germany and Europe)
  • Secure Keypad with backlighting for the keys
  • Counter top design with non slip feet on the base
  • Privacy shield fitted
  • Backlit LCD screen - 132 x 64 resolution
Dione Secura
  • 32-bit processing for fast EMV Level 2 Smartcard transactions
  • Ergonomic hand held design with large colour coded keys for easy operation
  • Built in magnetic swipe reader for backwards compatibility
  • Integrated security module for AES ,DES, 3DES, RSA encryption/key management schemes
  • Approved for use with SoftEFT credit card authorisation software
  • LCD display with 2x16 characters
Verifone SC5000

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