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Printhead Return Procedures
  1. The warranty offered by Rohm varies according to the printhead family. Full details are contained in the detailed specification for each printhead. The conditions of the warranty centre around a minimum distance of media travel across the printhead (Abrasion life), a minimum number of individual dot pulses (Pulse Life), a 12 month period since production and that the printhead has been operated within the design limits detailed in the relevant specification.

  2. Due to the relatively small number of printheads being returned to Rohm each year, the Rohm QA department exercises a degree of flexibility when a failure is due to a manufacturing fault in printheads that are out of the warranty period.

  3. If a printhead that is still within the warranty period has a failure mode and the fault has not evidently been caused by mishandling or misuse, ESD damage or energy overload, the product can be returned to Kestronics under our Return Material Authorisation (RMA) system for evaluation and, if necessary, return to the Rohm QA department for a failure analysis report.

  4. Before Kestronics issues an RMA number, we like to have the opportunity to talk to a quality engineer. This is to avoid unnecessary product returns, as our analysis over many years has shown that almost all printheads are found to have failed because of a dirty operating environment, misuse by the end user, or sometimes, deficiency in the printhead drive or mechanical set-up.

    The use of poor quality thermal paper/labels, a dirty working environment and incorrect head cleaning or lack of cleaning are all common reasons for premature printhead failure.

  5. In order to assist the evaluation of a returned printhead and in particular to facilitate a detailed evaluation by Rohm Japan, it is very important that as much of the following information as possible is provided with each returned printhead:-


    a)        A print sample showing the fault, if the printhead will still operate.

    b)        Approximate installation date.

    c)        An indication of use before failure, e.g. number of labels printed.

    d)        Did the failure occur during normal use, during installation and test, or during product evaluation or development?

    e)        If the printhead will now longer operate, we need to know something about the activity leading to the failure.

     f)         Please advise us if you want the printhead returned to you, if it is confirmed as faulty by Rohm’s QA department. (see point 6)


  6. When a printhead is returned to us, we carry out a visual evaluation and when necessary return the printhead to Rohm’s QA Department in Germany. Printheads that require a full analysis are then returned to the QA Department in Japan for a detailed Failure Analysis Report. Any printhead that has been found to have failed prematurely due to a manufacturing fault will be replaced free of charge. We will issue a credit note and invoice the replacement printhead, free of carriage charge, both at the same time

  7. It should be noted that certain printheads not in regular production, may need up to 16 weeks to be replaced. This worst-case delay is due to the need for Rohm to obtain long lead time, customised component parts from their suppliers.

  8. If a printhead needs to be returned to Japan for detailed evaluation, it is sometimes necessary to destroy the printhead in order to properly determine the cause of failure. Under these circumstances we will not be able to return the printhead to you.

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