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  • OLED colour display ( 128 x 64 Graphic )
  • Long battery life
  • Light Weight: 100g
  • Reads 1D and 2D barcodes and RFID as well.
  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11b WLAN), GPRS, IrDA and Bluetooth
  • RS232/485, USB, Ethernet/Internet or keyboard wedge
  • CPU: 32 Bit ARM Technology
  • Also comes in Gun grip style
  • RFID : HF, UHF, LF
  • More then 30.000 Laser-scan every 4s with only one battery set.
  • Collecting of 1D- and 2D Barcode and RFID
  • Light Weight
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Build in USB connector
  • Real time-Clock
  • easy usage of hard and software, no special training needed
  • easy data processing by Microsoft Excel or as simple text file
  • IP54
  • Contactless and MagStripe in one card reader
  • USB HID or RS232 interfaces
  • Designed for vandal resistance, rugged use, and weather resistant operation
  • Reliable MagStripe reader for a minimum of 1,000,000 passes
  • Contactless Functionality reads cards within 4cm of landing area
  • Signifies successful reads with a beeper and LED indicator
  • Great drop-in replacement for existing installations
  • Reads both magnetic and barcode media
  • Weatherproof, sealed or extended temperature versions are available
  • Dual sided MagStripe head versions option
  • Red or infrared bar code reader option
  • Color: black or beige
  • Swipe speeds from 3 to 60 IPS
  • Interfaces: Keyboard wedge, RS232, USB/Keyboard, USB/RS232, decoded Clock & Data (TTL), & Wiegand Interface
  • PP-690-0/M2R2/Y4 is designed to comply with ISO 14443A standard
  • reads and writes the ISO 14443A S50/S70 contactless smart card for various applications.
  • Frequency of Operation : 13.56 MHz
  • Interface : RS-232C
  • Reading Range : 5~7cm
13.56MHz Mifare Card Reader/ Writer
  • Reading Range : up to 10 cmg
  • Frequency of Operation : 125 KHz
  • Format : 26 bits Wiegand, other formats available
  • Passive contactless card and keyfobs require no batteries
  • With CPU watch-dog function to prevent malfunction
  • Ultra thin model of mifare contactless smart card reader / writer
  • designed to comply with ISO 14443A standard
  • reads and writes the ISO 14443A S50/S70 contactless smart card for various applications.
  • Frequency of Operation : 13.56 MHz
  • Interface : RS-232C
  • Reading Range : 5~7cm
Thin Model Mifare Contactless Smart Card Reader/Writer
  • An advanced and Hi-technology reader for vehicle or personal access application
  • Reading Range : about 6 meters
  • Frequency of Operation : 125KHz & 433.9 MHz (315MHz, 915MHz optional)
  • Interface : RS-485, RS -232C, Wiegand
  • It can read the passive card up to 60 cm and active tag to max. 3 meters and read PFH-620 active tag to max. 6 meters reading range.
Long Range RFID Access Control Reader
  • Durable card with integrated RFID reader / barcode scanner plugs into a CompactFlash (CF) card slot with a snug, secure fit
  • High Frequency 13.56 MHz reader/writer
  • Reads and writes to the following HF tag types:
    ISO15693: ICode SL2, LRI512, my-d, Tag-It HF-I
    Proprietary: ICode SL1, Tag-It HF, PicoTag
    ISO14443A: Mifare, Mifare Ultralight
  • Approximate read range of 3.0 inches (7.6 cm), depending on tag antenna size
CF RFID Mifare and Barcode Scanner
  • Mifare Card Reader / Access Controller / Time & Attendance Recorder 3 in 1 design, supports stand-alone or intelligent PC on/off-line operation
  • Support the reading of Mifare card (credit card size and easy for colour printing) and Mifare keyfob
  • 2 lines x 16 LCD for displaying system parameters and personal maps when setup or inquiry, such as: date, time, duty name, buffer counter, card number, and user name
  • Auto power reset with watchdog timer and low power RTC design, data retention for 10 years while power failure
  • Card : ISO 14443 Mifare A type card, or Keyfob
  • Online Interface : RS -232C , RS-422 or RS-485, TCP/IP
Mifare Intelligent Time Attendance/Access Controller/Reader
  • PIMF-02BK Mifare module (read / write) with antenna
  • Dimensions: 64(L) x 38(W) x 10(H) mm
  • Weight: 9.4 ± 5%4
Mifare RFID Module
  • Support Mifare cards and ISO14443 type A/B cards
  • Support USB or RS232 interface
  • Built in 4 SAM slots
  • Communication distance up to 10cm
  • Support Windows® operating system include 98, ME,2K and XP
  • LCD can display normal font (8*16) and big font (13*24)
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Support for all current and emerging international standards
  • Support Mifare cards and ISO14443 type A/B cards
  • Comply with MasterCard PayPass (contactless Mag Stripe and M/Chip)
  • Comply with Visa (contactless MSD/Wave)
  • Enable quicker transactions in a secure environment
  • Easy integration with POS and ECR systems
  • Support USB or RS232 or RS485 interface
  • Built in 4 SAM slots
  • Large LCD(128*64) with backlight
  • Fully integrated ICAO RFID Reader (BAC)
  • Bidirectional swipe through reader
  • Four different data entry devices: e-Passport Reader, OCR, BCR and MSR, using various interfaces, are replaced by only one device with one interface
  • High speed USB connection ensures fast and reliable data transfer
  • MRZ data gathering
  • Magnetic stripe reading
  • Chip card processing
  • Bar code decoding
MPR 7200e

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