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The AutoID tool made for all Logistic requirements
Scanndy Specifications

SCANNDY combines the abilities of a scanner and a mobile phone, which makes worldwide data collecting easy and affordable. SCANNDY construction is designed to give the user a maximum on user friendliness and to open up a large field of usability. The SCANNDY basic version the “Always with you”-usage comes in a lightweight Mobile Phone typical style of 100g only. 24 hour usage or occasional use, the ergonomic design of SCANNDY makes the users feeling comfortable working with the data collector. If not in use, SCANNDY can slip in your shirt pocket or hide into a leather, rubber or nylon bag fixed to the user’s belt.

Recharge- and Communication Unit:
The recharge- and communication unit stands for multifunctional usage. The communication between cradle and SCANNDY can be via bluetooth. Interfacing to computer can be RS232/485, USB, keyboard or Ethernet/Internet. Beside the integrated battery in SCANNDY a spare battery can be recharged simultaneously.

Open to further extensions with TECPACK f.e. RFID:
Inline with nowadays Auto-ID technology SCANNDY is equipped with modular extendable RFID modules. SCANNDYbasic version is designed to have TECPACK units integrated in the handle above the exchangeable batteries to save space.
SCANNDYgun version is using a large RFID antenna to extend the reading distance. The antenna is integrated in the rubber protected front-end of the scanner.

SCANNDY Presentation-Mode:
The extreme stable design of SCANNDYgun cradle allows the usage of the presentation-mode. In presentation-mode the scanner and its display faces the user from front side. In this smart position the display turns its information by 180 so the user can hold a barcode or a RFID tags in front of the scanner and get the answer without pressing any button in readable direction at the display.

SCANNDY can operate as a direct on-Line cable connected scanner V24/USB/Keyboard.





Operating System 32 Bit ARM Technology which speeds up any application and allows direct Internet connectivity
LCD OLED colour display ( 128 x 64 Graphic )
Battery High power Li-Ion rechargeable battery up to 2,200 mAh
Operating Time 24h operating time ( 20,000 laser scan ( read ) within 4s interval )
1D barcodes Code 39, Codabar, Code 2of5, Code93, Code128, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODABLOCK
2D barcodes PDF417, QR Code, DataMatrix, CODABLOCK
Scanning Engine CMOS Opticon Imager
TECPACK-Modules GPRS-Pack:
The GSM/GPRS module allows the direct worldwide database access ( can be used also for making phone calls )

Infrared interface

The NFC module allows SCANNDY to interchange data by high speed only by touching the other NFC partner.

128 MB to 2 GB

WIFI/802.11b WLAN

MP3 recording and playback

RFID: Read/Write with interchangeable TECPACK modules for al popular frequencies.
LF: 125/134 KHz
HF: 13.56 MHz
UHF: 869/915 MHz
Antenna: Internal and external

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