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Dione Secura Pin Pad
High performance PinPad for EMV Chip and PIN migration
Dione Secura Specifications


The Secura PIN pad is a highly secure, easy to use device that features both mag-stripe and EMV smart card readers. Molded rubber grips make it easy to handle, and its privacy shield adds security. Incorporating SecuraCell™ technology, the Secura is tamper-responsive and certified to the most stringent PIN security standards.


The new Secura™ integrated terminal is a PIN enabled, EMV level 1and 2 compliant transaction device. It comes pre-certifi ed to the most stringent PIN security standards and incorporates Dione’s newly patented SecuraCell™ technology - a tamper responsive unit containing all the crucial electronics to prevent criminals from compromising transaction security.

It is compact and ergonomically designed allowing card insertion and removal by either the cardholder or the merchant. Complete with an integrated thermal printer and modem, it provides an ideal and affordable solution for both the banks’ acquiring services market and smaller retailers looking for full EMV migration and terminal ownership.


  • The Secura™ allows for quick and cost effective design

  • New Patented SecuraCell™ technology, provides a tamper resistant and responsive enclosure

  • EMV 2000 V4 Level 1 and 2

  • Backlit LCD screen - 132 x 64 resolution

  • External SAM interface

  • ZKA approval (Germany and Europe)

  • Secure Keypad with backlighting for the keys.

  • Counter top design with non slip feet on the base.

  • Privacy shield fitted.


Technical Specification

Processor 32-bit processor running Dione’s multi-application Xtra-C interpreter
Memory 2MB or 4MB SDRAM with battery backup
Communications • V.22bis.
• V.34.
• ISDN (2B+D).
• LAN.
• GSM 900/DCS1800 (PCS1900 Possible) with class 10 GPRS.
Display Backlit LCD screen 132 x 64 pixel resolution, supports 4 lines x 22 characters
Card Readers Track 1 & 2 or Track 2 & 3 Magnetic Card Reader
Keyboard Backlit keyboard configured as 4 x 8 PIN keypad, navigation paddle and 2 further function keys
Printer Optional external thermal graphical printer
Approvals • EMV Level 1 and 2 approved.
• ISO7816 compliant.
• Offline Visa PED, Interpay and ZKA.
• Common Criteria Evaluation against the requirements of the APACS Protection Profile (pending).
• APCA (Australia).
• DES, 3DES and RSA.
• CE approved.

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