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Compact and multifunctional Bluetooth RFID Scanner
Smart Scanndy Specifications

PANMOBIL has succeeded in combining and condensing technical features like barcode reader, RFID reader, Bluetooth, USB and many more on optimized space. The new smartSCANNDY is compact, genial and easy to use. Especially in order optimizing smartSCANNDY suits excellently.

Collecting data, compact but without any compromises precise data collecting:
Online via Bluetooth or USB connection or in Batch mode without any host connectivity. Time is gone for troublesome data collecting on paper with all it’s problems of misunderstanding. The modern way of collecting data is focused on direct connectivity via Bluetooth or easy batch operating (synchronizing data automatically without user access).

RF-Scanner the online scanner
In case smartSCANNDY is equipped with Bluetooth, all barcode or RFID data will be transmitted without time delay. The communication between smartSCANNDY and host is bidirectional, which enables the application software at host side to start the scan action at smartSCANNDY side as a remote control function. This additional feature does improve the reliability of the whole application.

Fixed/Wired operation
SmartSCANNDY can also being used as a standard reader with fixed, cabled connection via USB or optional RS232 or keyboard.

For the rugged usage: IP 54
Thanks for the double wall system of smartSCANNDY it becomes an all-around trouble less product. The soft rubber outside does protect smartSCANNDY against damage while being dropped over a height of 2m to concrete. The double wall technology keeps the scannaingtechnology free from water and dust.

Direct Web-Access
When using Easy-SCANNDYcontrol-mode the direct access to any Web-Shop-Portal f.e. to transmit orders or to access an Internet based database, will be operated automatically without user activity. Just plugging smartSCANNDY into the USB port and SCANNDYcontrol will do the Web connection and data transfer automatically. SmartSCANNDY makes Web-Usage easy and affordable.



  • More then 30.000 Laser-scan every 4s with only one batterie set

  • Collecting of 1D- and 2D Barcode and RFID

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Build in USB connector

  • Realtime-Clock

  • Easy usage of hard- and software, no spezial training needed

  • Easy dataprocessing by Microsoft Excel or as simple textfile


Date import and exportJust Barcode scanner 1D or/and 2D
The classical compact Barcode genius does read 1D or 2D Barcodes, pending on the reading engine inside. In case of laser it is 1D only, in case of CMOS camera 1D and 2D can be decoded. The data can be stored inside smartSCANNDY or being direct transmitted via Bluetooth or USB.

Just RFID scanner HF or LF:
The compact mobile RFID reader and writer can store or direct transmit all decoded data via Bluetooth or USB.

Multi reader for Barcode and RFID:
In case of multi-reading the intelligent operating system inside smartSCANNDY does show it's capability: It does automatically recognize, whether a barcode or RFID tag is presented to be decoded.












Operating System 32 Bit ARM Technology which speeds up any application and allows direct Internet connectivity
Battery Standard AAA batteries or one Li-Ion changeable rechargeable battery, which can be rechargeable via the USB connection
Vibration vibration as optional
Bluetooth Bluetooth class 1 (100m)
RFID LF, HF (ISO 15693), HF(ISO 14443)
Interface USB, bluetooth
Barcodes 1D- and 2D barcode
Drop durability (height) 2m to concrete
Real time clock
The precise internal clock does synchronizes itself each time being connected to the host system by using the intelligent PANMOBIL DLL.
Environment Dust/Water-splash proof IP54 level.

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