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Compact Flash Magnetic Stripe Reader Card
CF Mag Stripe Reader for mobile terminal, PDA, Data Collectors, Computers
CF Mag Stripe Reader Card Specifications


  • Reads the data from 1, 2 or 3 track magnetic stripes used on driver’s licenses, credit and ID cards

  • Two colour LED indicates good or bad read

  • Compatible devices:
    -Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) devices running Windows CE.NET v4.2 or greater
    -Windows XP or Windows Vista notebook or tablet PC

  • Type II CF card with integrated Mag Stripe reader plugs into Type I or Type II CompactFlash card slot.

  • With CF-to-PC Card adapter (PN AC4001-515 - sold separately), the card works in a PC Card (PCMCIA) slot

  • Supported by the same SocketScan keyboard emulation software and SDK that supports all Socket Mobile bar code scanning and RFID products
    SocketScan enables you to assign a beep tone or .WAV file to signify a successful read

  • No extra batteries or special power adapter required — the CF Mag Stripe Reader Card gets power from the mobile computer

  • SDK available to application developers

  • Works with Windows-based development tools so you can easily create custom applications

Operating System Support

  • Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic/Professional
  • Windows XP Professional/Tablet PC (SP1, SP2, SP3)
  • Windows Vista Business/Ultimate (SP1)

Interface Standard

  • CompactFlash Type II
  • PC Card (PCMCIA), requires PC Card adapter


  • Data Capture: SocketScan keyboard wedge software for Socket barcode / RFID / magnetic stripe readers and
    UIC683 contactless smart card reader
  • Wireless Broadband: SoMo 650 Back Pack Utilities
  • WLAN / Bluetooth: Enhanced Wi-Fi Companion, Connect!Agent, Radio Manager for WM 5.0 only
  • Cabled Communications: Modem Utilities, Ethernet Utilities
  • 2.7 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches (69 x 55 x 34 mm)
  • 43 g (1.6 oz)
Card Swiping Direction
  • Bi-directional
Operating Temperature: +14 to +140F (-10 to +60C)
Operating Relative Humidity: 10 to 90%, non-condensing

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