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Storm Trackball
Trackballs - Rugged cursor control for industrial and hostile public environments
Trackball Specifications

This panel mount trackball provides smooth, accurate and responsive cursor control in wet, dirty or aggressive environments. The trackball's electronics are sealed against the ingress of fluids and dust to IP54 specification. The robust chassis is designed to provide secure under-panel fixing for maximum resistance to hard use, abuse and vandalism. Three click keys can be connected directly to the trackball's on board encoding electronics via a male, square pin, 2.5 mm pitch connector. Output to the host system's PS2 or USB port is via a similiar ‘on board’ connector. The Trackball detects and automatically configures to provide either PS2 or USB connectivity.

Momentary contact, pushbutton switches can be connected as left and right “click” keys.




  • 38 mm Trackball

  • Tough, Vandal Resistant Construction

  • Automatically Configures to PS2/USB Output

  • PC Connection Cables Sold Separately

  • Sealed Against Liquids and Dust to IP54 Specifications

  • Robust: Tough Phenolic Ball (Black)

  • Vandal Resistant: Coated Steel Ball



Robust Trackball Phenolic Resin
Vandal Resistant Trackball Surface Treated Steel
Seal Material PTFE with low friction fill
Vandal Plate Stainless Steel
Connector USB and PS2 cables for connection to host system are available separately


Supply Voltage 5.0V dc –10%
Switch Debounce 30ms rising/falling
Supply Current 15mA maximum
Resolution 150 pulses, 600 counts/revolution


Operational Temperature -20C (dry) to +60C
IP65 seal when ball stationary
IP54 seal when ball rotating
Humidity 95% Rh max, non-condensing


Tracking Force 50g nominal any direction
Ball Speed 250 rpm maximum
Operational Life 10 million revolutions (min)
Mounting Angle within 45o from horizontal

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